Transit Control Solutions, Inc (TCS) develops world-class technologies and delivers overwhelmingly superior control solutions for Automated Transit Network (ATN) and Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) systems. Our product also applies to automated people mover (APM) and driverless train systems. 

Our highly-scalable and globally-applicable technology advancements will enable ATN systems to achieve significantly-increased capacity (3600 cars per hour per direction at a speed of 60 mph—about 4x higher than other systems in the market), passenger convenience, economic value and operational control while achieving a very high degree of safety (calculated Mean Time Between Unsafe Failures greater than 10hours).

Our key, enabling technologies fundamentally improve people’s lives, communities, public services, and businesses.




Delivers outstanding performance and safety, and remarkedly enhances the economic case. Key features include:


– The ability to dramatically improve the cost-benefit of fixed track transportation systems.  The TCS solution achieves one second separation between cars traveling at 60 mph and is designed using fail-safe principles to achieve a Mean Time Between Unsafe Failures in excess of 1,000,000,000 hours.

– The ability to safely merge high-density traffic streams.

– An inexpensive vehicle-carried controller that allows the vehicle subsystem to be fabricated entirely with commercial off-the-shelf components.

– Improving transit operating efficiencies to potentially achieve subsidy-free operation (fare box recovery).


Catalyzes a dramatic reduction in fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas generation by enabling systems to be built and operated with greatly-reduced power requirements and to operate with electricity generated entirely from local, renewable power sources (e.g. solar panels on track structures and guideways).



Helped build the world’s first Automated Transit Network system (Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit).

– Pioneered and developed a Moving Block Control technology under UMTA (Urban Mass Transportation Administration) sponsorship, achieving a headway of three seconds at 15 mph.

– Successfully completed four control system certifications with the California Public Utility Commission.

– Developed a virtually error-free wireless communication link between rail vehicles and transit stations.

– Led a project team that deployed the country’s first microprocessor-based, safety-critical vehicle controller and developed a stochastic methodology for proving the safety of such systems.

Developed the first radio-based train control system in North America (BART, San Francisco).

– Has more than 50 years of combined experience in developing embedded real-time, safety-critical software.

– Has more than 20 years of software development experience conforming to SEI CMMI Level III.