The Problem
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Transit Control Solutions
The Problem

Heavy rail transit systems have two major challenges, both interrelated:
    a) Cost (capital and operating), and
    b) Convenience.

The ATN concept has the potential of addressing these challenges but suffers from two other, major challenges:
    a) Line capacity to justify the economics of construction, and
    b) Vehicle controller equipment costs.

ATN systems can operate smaller, lighter vehicles that require less-costly infrastructure and provide more convenient service. However, currently-available control systems are not capable of achieving traffic densities that improve upon and satisfy the economic, operational and safety cases.

Current onboard control technology, with costs that can be on the order of $200,000 per vehicle, is cost-prohibitive for use in smaller vehicles.

Until now no real, viable ATN control solution has existed that can technically and economically meet these challenges.

TCS' product addresses all those challenges with innovative design concepts that achieve a nearly five-fold improvement in traffic density, along with a dramatic reduction in the cost of buying and maintaining control equipment.


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