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Transit Control Solutions

  TCS Technology

  • Delivers outstanding performance and safety, and remarkedly enhances the economic case.

    Key features include:

    - The ability to dramatically improve the cost-benefit of fixed track transportation systems.  The TCS solution solution achieves one second separation between cars traveling at 60 mph and is designed using fail-safe principles to achieve a Mean Time Between Unsafe Failures in excess of 1,000,000,000 hours.

    - The ability to safely merge high-density traffic streams

    - An inexpensive vehicle-carried controller that allows the vehicle subsystem to be fabricated entirely with commercial off-the-shelf components

    - Improving transit operating efficiencies to potentially achieve subsidy-free operation (fare box recovery)
  • Catalyzes a dramatic reduction in fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas generation by enabling systems to be built and operated with greatly-reduced power requirements and to operate with electricity generated entirely from local, renewable power sources (e.g. solar panels on track structures and guideways)

TCS staff

  • Helped build the world's first Automated Transit Network system (Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit)

  • Pioneered and developed a Moving Block Control technology under UMTA (Urban Mass Transportation Administration) sponsorship, achieving a headway of three seconds at 15 mph

  • Successfully completed four control system certifications with the California Public Utility Commission

  • Developed a virtually error-free wireless communication link between rail vehicles and transit stations
  • Led a project team that deployed the country's first microprocessor-based, safety-critical vehicle controller and developed a stochastic methodology for proving the safety of such systems

  • Developed the first radio-based train control system in North America (BART, San Francisco)

  • Have more than 50 years of combined experience in developing embedded real-time, safety-critical software

  • Have more than 20 years of software development experience conforming to SEI CMMI Level III

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